Climate Change & Asset Management

Virtual Conference

Welcome to the most comprehensive climate change adaptation and municipal asset management conference ever hosted in Canada!

The conference will provide tools for municipalities to integrate their climate change adaptation and infrastructure asset management planning. Featuring sector leaders and experts, the conference will galvanize conversations around how this integration can make municipal service delivery more sustainable and resilient.

Municipalities are at the forefront of climate change adaptation. As stewards of approximately two-thirds of government-owned infrastructure across Canada, municipalities are on the frontlines of adapting their infrastructure to cope with changing climate conditions. It is an exciting opportunity and a daunting challenge.

Climate change introduces new stresses on assets, decreases their lifespans, amplifies often unquantified risks, and makes it more difficult to deliver expected levels of service. With proper planning, information, and support, these risks can be met head-on within organizations in a coordinated, collaborative way.

Our view is that rather than attempting to do more with less, municipalities have an opportunity to do things differently and achieve better results by integrating their approach to climate impacts with their asset management processes.

Asset Management & Climate Change Conference

Asset Management Ontario is a community of practice comprised of asset management practitioners who share information and best practices to advance public sector asset management and stewardship of publicly-owned infrastructure in Ontario.

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