Climate Change & Green Infrastructure Stream


Who Is This For:

Municipal staff and elected officials seeking to:

  • Gain skills to strengthen climate resilience in their communities.
  • Understand climate change impacts on infrastructure-related services.

Hours Estimated

10 Hours + assignments +workshops / coaching.
CPD: 25-35 hours

Course Delivery Format

*  Currently cohort sessions are not available, and courses are offered on a self-led basis. If you are interested in cohort learning, kindly reach out to us via email at to join the waitlist.

  • 5 cohort-based discussion/lectures from 1:30 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. ET. Purpose of these sessions is to apply and share knowledge to real scenarios.
  • Sessions will be recorded to facilitate review & flexibility for learners
  • + One-on-one mentoring & coaching
  • + Online learning management system platform
  • + Tailored to specific projects of individual learners


  • Integrating Climate Change & Sustainability Considerations Through Asset Management
  • Climate Trends & Data
  • Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Resilience
  • Climate Change Risks and Impacts on Infrastructure
  • Green Infrastructure: Natural Asset Systems & Low-Impact Development

Developed in cooperation with the Toronto & Region Conservation Authority




Course Description

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Construct a framework for implementing an integrated climate change action plan and asset management program for your municipality
  • Utilize climate forecast data specific for your community to identify climate vulnerabilities and opportunities for resilience.
  • Explore key opportunities for integrating climate change into asset management.
  • Consider infrastructure interdependencies in understanding risks posed by climate change on municipal assets and infrastructure.
  • Gain a better understanding about a range of green infrastructure (i.e., natural asset and low-impact development) solutions and how they can be incorporated into municipal infrastructure projects.

This course takes a systems-perspective approach to discussing how climate change considerations can be incorporated into the asset management process. It is designed for Canadian municipal employees who seek a better understanding about how to integrate a climate-informed perspective into their asset management practice. Special features about this course include a tailored approach around students’ specific projects and an approach that combines the best elements of cohort-based learning supplemented by one-on-one mentoring or coaching.

Topic Outline

1. Integrating Climate Change & Sustainability Considerations Through Asset Management

  • Forward Thinking: Resilience and Sustainability
  • Foundations
  • Implementing Climate Change Resiliency
  • Taking Action

2. Climate Trends & Data

  • Understanding Climate Trends
  • Understanding Future Climate Trends
  • Accessing and Applying Climate Data
  • Takeaways

3. Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Resilience

  • Advancing Municipal Climate Action
  • Integrating Climate Change into Asset Management
  • Takeaways

4. Climate Change Risks and Impacts on Infrastructure

  • Climate Change Impacts on Infrastructure
  • From Climate Data to Information
  • Infrastructure Interdependencies
  • Financial Impacts
  • Takeaways

5. Green Infrastructure: Natural Asset Systems & Low-Impact Development

  • Understanding Green Infrastructure
  • Green Infrastructure Solutions to Municipal Priorities
  • Introduction to Green Infrastructure Asset Management
  • Takeaways

Asset Management Ontario is a community of practice comprised of asset management practitioners who share information and best practices to advance public sector asset management and stewardship of publicly-owned infrastructure in Ontario.

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