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Asset Management Ontario (AMONTario) is a centre of excellence for public sector asset management. Its mission is to strengthen infrastructure asset management capacity and effectiveness across Ontario’s public sector.

AMONTario has worked with over 200 municipalities and is a program partner with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ (FCM) Municipal Asset Management Program. AMONTario also delivers asset management technical assistance on behalf of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO).

In addition to mentoring, coaching and direct asset management assistance, AMONTario offers online certificate courses for practitioners relating asset management, climate change action, and sustainability. AMONTario played a key role on the Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure’s technical advisory committee in the development of the O.Reg. 588/17, (Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure) and is listed as a key resource on the Ministry’s Asset Management website.

Asset Management Ontario


Foster a center of excellence and innovation for public sector asset management in the Province of Ontario.


To be a multi-disciplinary community of practice for public infrastructure stewards to strengthen asset management capabilities and achieve defined Levels of Service through implementable practices aligning international standards, regulatory requirements, and best practices to optimize public services.


Asset Management Ontario objectives will support three areas fundamental to sustainable asset management practices:

Leading By Example



Executive Director
Chris’ focus is to strengthen infrastructure asset management across Ontario’s public sector.


Asset Management Advisor

Mayuri is an Advisor in Corporate Asset Management at the Region of Peel responsible for the execution and roll out of the asset management strategy across all tax-based infrastructure. Mayuri is a Certified Finance Professional and holds a diploma with distinction in Asset Management through Institute of Asset Management. Mayuri’s finance and asset management background has earned her the position of Manager of Accounting for AMONTario.

Leading By Example

Board of Directors



Sam is the Director of Enterprise Asset Management for the Region of Peel and has participated on several committees including OMBI, Ontario Public Works Association and the National Research Council. Currently he is a member of the ISO 55000 mirror committee and is on the expert panel that assisted the Province in the development of the regulations for Bill 6.



Leanne is the founding Chair of Asset Management Ontario, an appointed member of the FCM Municipal Asset Management Program Technical Working Group and was awarded MFOA’s 2017 Leadership Award. At the Region of Peel, Leanne led a team to develop an operational prototype of the Risk Based Optimized Decision Making model.

Margaret Karpenko_v2


Margaret Karpenko, CPA is the Chief Financial Officer / Treasurer for the City of North Bay. She has 22 years of municipal experience, including 13 years at the City of North Bay. Margaret is a leader in change management, strategic planning and management systems to ensure compliance and efficiency while ensuring organizational objectives are achieved.

She has over 10 years of senior management experience in spearheading the integration of effective financial management, corporate governance, and business operation practices. Margaret is the Senior Leadership champion for Asset Management at the City of North Bay, is a Board Member of Asset Management Ontario (AMONTario), and has briefed the provincial government on asset management policy and program funding design.


Shawn Boast is the Manager of Asset Management at the Town of Oakville. Shawn has been working for 8 years within the Asset Management Area. He is leading the Town’s efforts to build an effective, enterprise-wide Asset Management culture. The Town is focused on implementing an asset management leadership strategy that develops passionate asset management practitioners who exemplify leading practices in their work. Shawn has a varied background from recreation facility management for City of Toronto to implementing activity based costing solutions within the private sector.




Khaled Shahata is Manager of Corporate Asset Management at the City of London, Ontario. He has over 15 years of academic, consulting and municipal experience in the area of infrastructure asset management. Dr. Shahata has steered the initiative to develop an effective corporate asset management program at the City of London since its launch in April, 2011. His experience includes infrastructure strategy development, asset valuation, and the application of lifecycle cost analysis and risk-based planning and decision making techniques to extend asset life and enhance service delivery.

Asset Management Ontario is a community of practice comprised of asset management practitioners who share information and best practices to advance public sector asset management and stewardship of publicly-owned infrastructure in Ontario.

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