Municipal Metrics Catalogue

This catalog provides Councils and Municipal Staff across Ontario with a reference to metrics used by other Municipalities to manage their infrastructure and meet asset management-related standards and regulations.
The intent behind this catalog is to help municipalities choose the Level of Service (LOS) metrics that best align with their Corporate Objectives as well as other indicators or technical measures to support decision-making around effective asset management.
For each metric, the following characteristics have been identified:
  • Leading or Lagging: Concise discussion about whether the metric is a leading or lagging indicator. Leading indicators predict changes in asset management conditions or circumstances but may be more involved to collect or process. Lagging indicators are typically output-oriented and reflect an achieved state.
  • Relationships to Other Measures: Identification about how the measure affects (or is affected by) other asset management measures.
  • Inputs: Outline of the inputs
  • Regulatory Requirements/ Standards: List of the regulations or standards (e.g., ISO, CSA, NWWBI, OMBI) that could require use of the metric.
  • Suitability as LOS: Commentary with respect to use of the metric as a LOS measure.
  • Service Values: A layperson’s description about how the metric can be linked to end-users’ interests, such as: Safety, Quality, Availability, Capacity, Reliability, Environmental Impact, Sustainability, Climate Impact, Social Impact.
  • Pros/Cons: Commentary on the pros and cons of this particular metric.
  • Interpretation: Information on how to interpret the measure.
The catalog incorporates metrics from various sources, such as:
Industry Standards
  • ISO 37120 (Sustainable development of communities – Indicators for city services and quality of life
  • National Water/Wastwater Benchmarking Initiative (NWWBI)
Provincial Regulations
  • Ont Reg 588 (Asset Management)
  • Ont Reg 170 (Drinking Water Systems)
Financial Measures
  • Ontario and Nova Scotia Municipal Statistics (FIR based)
Municipal Examples
  • City of London
  • City of Kitchener
  • City of Cambridge
  • Town of Halton Hills
  • City of Guelph
This catalog is being developed by the Asset Management Ontario LOS Working Group:
  • Huron County – Mike Hausser, P.Eng (Chair, LOS Working Group)
  • City of London – Khalid Shahata
  • City of Kitchener – Jason Winter
  • City of Cambridge – Johan Krijnen
  • Town of Halton Hills – Dharmen Dhaliah
  • City of Guelph – Daryush Esmalli

Municipal Metrics Catalogue (PDF)

Municipal Metrics Catalogue

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