2018 AMONtario

Annual Conference

Hosted by the Town of Oakville, the Asset Management Ontario (AMONTario) invited public sector asset management practitioners across Ontario to it’s Annual General Meeting taking place November 20-21st, 2018.

The focus of the 2018 AMONTario Annual Conference and Workshops was to leverage global best practices to meet Ontario’s municipal asset management regulation. These include infrastructure asset management leading practices around topics such as managing risk and levels of service; strengthening and building a cross-departmental asset management culture; utilizing diverse municipal metrics to advance asset management; understanding global perspectives (e.g., ISO 55000) around best practices; and becoming connected with key practitioners and partners in infrastructure asset management.

The target audience was municipal employees working in: public works, treasury/finance, administration, and planning. One of AMONTario’s strengths is its approach to promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration around asset management, and so municipalities were encouraged to bring practitioners from different departments who will be working together to implement asset management plans at their municipalities.

The proceedings from the workshops and presentations include information and practical tools that can contribute to professional development for practitioners.

Workshops (November 20, 2018)

  1. Aligning Financial and Non-Financial Functions in Asset Management
  2. Life Cycle Costing Workshop
  3. Risk and Levels of Service Workshop

Panels & Presentations (November 21, 2018)

  1. Canada’s Core Public Infrastructure Survey – Analysis of Findings
  2. Global Perspectives: ISO 55000 and Beyond
  3. Municipal Metrics Catalogue
  4. Small & Rural Community Collaboration


Alignment of Financial and Non-financial Functions in AM (PDF) 
Dharmen Dhaliah, Town of Halton Hills Corporate Asset Mangement
Whole Life Cycle Costing: A Workshop Based on the AMA Diploma Course (PDF)
Shawn Boast, Manager of Asset Management – Town Of Oakville Rhonda Harris Principle Consultant–AMCL
(Asset Management Consulting Ltd)
Corporate Asset Management- It’s a Way of Business: Risk -Levels of Service (PDF)
Leanne Brannigan, Manager, Corporate Asset Management, Region of Peel



Canada’s Core Public Infrastructure (PDF)
Lucy Opsitnik, Data Manager, Infrastructure Canada
Global Perspectives – ISO 55000 & Beyond (PDF)
Dharmen Dhaliah, Town of Halton Hills Corporate Asset Mangement
Municipal Metrics Catalogue (PDF)
LOS Working Group Mike Hausser, Manager of Public Works – Huron County
Small & Rural Communities Collaboration:
Rick Charlebois, CAO/Treasurer, Town of Petrolia
Jason Speers, Ontario Clean Water Agency
municipal asset management

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Asset Management Ontario is a community of practice comprised of asset management practitioners who share information and best practices to advance public sector asset management and stewardship of publicly-owned infrastructure in Ontario.

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