Comprehensive Guide to the Asset Management Process

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The Comprehensive Guide to the Asset Management Process sets forth a systematic, end-to-end process for doing asset management. Its orientation is strategic and enterprise-wide.

Asset management is multi-disciplinary and impacts all levels of the organization. This Guide is designed for all municipal practitioners. At our in-person workshops, we have delivered this material to municipal employees working in finance, public works, planning, legislative and administrative services, engineering, corporate services, as well as to elected officials.

How To Work With The Material

The material links to a Case Study. At our workshops, we discuss the concepts with reference to the case study. This contextualizes the asset management concepts against real challenges faced by municipalities, such as prioritizing infrastructure-related decisions when not all desired projects can be pursued.

Although you can work through the modules without reference to the case, the accompanying exercises are based on the Case Study. The exercises illustrate how the concepts are implemented. The Excel templates can be modified to address your municipality’s particular needs or circumstances. In order to get the most from them, you’ll want to understand the ideas behind them, which the case exercises help to reinforce.

The material is presented in a modular format to facilitate flexibility in focusing on a specific topic. However, the topics are also interconnected. Our recommendation is to work through all of the modules and exercises in the order presented.

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Formatting: Portable Document Format (PDF), Microsoft Excel (Excel)

The Case Background (PDF)

I. Leadership & Governance (PDF)

II. Establishing The Asset Hierarchy (PDF)

Asset Management Process

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