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Integrating Natural Assets Into Asset Management Planning

Virtual Workshop
Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Climate change is introducing new stresses on assets, decreasing the lifespan of infrastructure and making it more difficult to deliver expected levels of service. Rather than attempting to do more with less, municipalities have an opportunity to do things differently – and achieve better results – by including natural assets into the asset management processes.

Natural assets support the delivery of core government services. But they also do so more, such as contributing to quality of life and a better environment (e.g., through recreation, climate regulation, cleaner air, and biodiversity). Including natural assets in asset management processes provides an integrated approach to maintaining or enhancing the natural assets in a community.


Consideration of Climate Impacts Under O.Reg. 588/17

Introduction to Asset Management Planning & Approaches through a Green Infrastructure Lens
by Michelle Sawka, Senior Research Scientist, TRCA
This presentation defines different types of green infrastructure, relates it to asset management planning, discusses benefits, and introduces issues around the valuation of green infrastructure. READ MORE

How Corporate Asset Management Integrates Green Infrastructure
by Khaled Shahata, PhD, P.Eng
This presentation provides an overview about the City of London’s Corporate Asset Management Program and the green infrastructure assets included in its inventory. This encompasses stormwater management facilities; parks, natural areas and open spaces; and urban forestry. Issues around valuation and levels of service are addressed.  READ MORE

The City of London’s Journey: Green Infrastructure & Urban Forestry
by Jill-Anne Spence Manager, Urban Forestry
As the City of London has worked to ensure a sustainable urban forest, it became helpful to consider trees as infrastructure. This presentation outlines London’s process; recommends asset information to be collected; advises on condition ratings; and suggests useful resources. READ MORE

Level of Service for Urban Woodlands
by Sara Rowland R.P.F. Urban Forestry Planner, City of London, Ontario
This presentation provides a framework for municipalities to establish levels of service for trees, using the City of London’s experience to illustrate. READ MORE

Valuation Approaches to Natural Assets Workshop
The valuation workshop uses sample tree data from Oxford County to illustrate different options for valuing tree replacements. The valuation approach chosen has important implications for the value of the municipality’s natural assets and the levels of service to be upheld. READ MORE

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